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GE Aviation Announces Customers for Flight Efficiency Services. GE Aviation announced new customers for its Flight Efficiency Services business which uses the Ind… View Post Advertisements

The Eurocopter Foundation Joins Forces with NGO World Vision Mexico to Provide Support in Zones Affected by the Recent Catastrophes in Mexico. © World Vision Mexico The Eurocopter Foundation and NGOWorld Vision […]

Boeing, South African Airways Launch Sustainable Aviation Biofuel Effort in Southern Africa. South African Airways Boeing 747-300 “Ndizani” at Perth Airport (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Collabor… View Post

World freighter fleet to reach almost 3,000 aircraft in next 20 years. Author and Source: Airbus Strong long-term traffic growth with the emerging countriesset to outpace… View Post

ryanpanos: The Architecture of Violence | Marcelo Isarrualde During world war II the German army built a defense system for the territories occupied that is known as the “Atlantic wall”. Near 15.000 frames of reinforced concrete were […]

scalesofperception: The Scale of Utopian Worlds | Jean-François Rauzier | Via Jean-François Rauzier was immediately captivated by numerical photography when it penetrated the professional market 15 years ago. He has been exploring the multiple […]

from89: Fahrradhof Altlandsberg by Peter Horstmann and Christian Peterson  A bicycle shop in Germany that does not need a sign to advertise itself. The reason? It has 120 bicycles stuck to its […]

from89: Trace Of Memory,2013 by Chiharu Shiota A renovated 19th-century row house the immersive installation responds to the raw conditions of the former residence,building an aesthetic relationship with cosmetic interior details like […]

paddleson: “All art is digital art now in one form or another, whether its through consumption or its production.” — Kate Steciw Phillips and Paddles ON! curator Lindsay Howard visit artist Kate […]

paddleson: “The sources of these images are computer games and they’re very much, I think, about digital culture, about the collapse that we’re witnessing right now between simulations and actual embodied experience.” […]

darksilenceinsuburbia: Michael Chelbin. Sailboats and Swans. Natalia. Sentenced for stabbing, juvenile prison for girls. Ukraine, 2009. Swastika. Men’s prison. Ukraine, 2008. Vania. Sentenced for violence against women. Ukraine, 2010. Sergey. Sentenced for […]

thenewenlightenmentage: “We Will Send Robots to Read the Genomes of Alien Life Forms and Replicate Them Back on Earth” In 2010, Craig Venter, who helped map the human genome, became the first to […]