More deep learning for the masses, courtesy of Ersatz Labs


Deep learning is all the rage in the machine learning world right now, and we can add another name to the list of companies selling it — Ersatz Labs. The company has actually been around for a while (as part of a consulting firm called Black Cloud BSG), but it officially launched on Wednesday, complete with a new business model that puts deep neural networks inside a GPU-powered appliance.

Dave Sullivan, Ersatz’s founder and CEO, describes the company’s technology as being deep learning for almost anybody. Its pre-built models are available via the aforementioned appliance or as a cloud service (also running on GPUs), and the company has hidden much of the complexity of training them, but has tried not to dumb them down. He says it’s really for people with some prior understanding of machine learning — people who will be comfortable turning the knobs to tune the algorithms to…

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