Rosemeyer and his plane at the Nurburgring.

On 1937 Rosemeyer got his plane license.

This is from the Book “Mein mann der rennfahrer” written by Elly Beinhorn just after his death, then translated to English by Chris Nixon and Elly Beinhorn.

Rosemeyer talking to his wife by phone – Listen, I landed right at the ‘Ring! You know the small gliding aerodrome on the Quiddelbacher Höhe? Its nothing much, but perfectly adequate. I was not really supposed to land there and the airport office has already rung up to complain, but a cylinder packed up so I had no choice. Now we have rolled the plane to the pits and its standing in front of the Sport hotel. Our mechanics have replaced the cylinder and tomorrow I will take off from here. By the way I have done one lap in nine minutes and fifty-four seconds.


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