Photography In Space – How It’s Done

Alan Poindexter had the honor of commanding the shuttle Discovery on her final mission, STS-131. NASA takes space photography very seriously, and trains their astronauts to capture informative and inspiring images while in orbit.

If you’ve ever wondered about some the techniques and technology behind capturing those great shuttle and ISS photos, check out Captain Poindexter’s great behind-the-lens post. Little-known fact: If you become an astronaut you apparently get access to prototype Nikon cameras … so study that science, you budding photographers!

When done right, this space photography can be truly inspiring. If you really want to dig in to some astronaut photography, you can’t miss the Crew Earth Observations collection. Truly epic photos and videos (including this eye-popping distorted moonset from the ISS).

(via Luminous-Landscape.com, images copyright NASA)

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